Mary E. Gregory

Finding Your Resiliency Superpowers

A Talk by Mary E. Gregory (Senior Director, IT PMO, Live Nation Entertainment)

About this Talk

In my presentation, I'll walk you through how I found my resiliency superpowers and how this expanded my leadership influence. It's easy to overlook the obstacles we've overcome, but they're like yellow bricks to the road of our unique life experiences, each one a valuable life lesson and an opportunity to glean valuable insights into how we overcome difficult situations.

When you're able to look at any experience as just one more life lesson, you shift your mindset from one of lacking, to one of abundance. You are also better able to understand the experiences of others who are also on their life's journey, which builds compassion and tolerance. This is a growth mindset that's needed to achieve any of your life's desires and to live a more fulfilling and peaceful personal and professional life.

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Mary E. Gregory

Mary E. Gregory

Senior Director, IT PMO, Live Nation Entertainment

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